Quality is an important factor

to stand one’s ground in the future.

For decades, modus has been performing as an effective pioneering force in the AOI sector.  

Our objective is to develop fast scanner systems for industrial use. 

modus develops, produces & sells automatic test & inspection systems (AOI) for production control in volume manufacturing. 

The increasing miniaturization of electronic devices plus escalating demands for high quality control coupled with cost effectiveness requires inspection units, which are fast, reliable & easy to set up.  

modus inspection systems are available for both in-line & off-line implementation. With ultra-fast scan rates, 100% inspection of visible parts can be introduced into a production line without any loss or reduction in the speed of the line. 

modus has numerous customers in the automotive, industrial & consumer electronics sectors. Several customers manufacture in small batches / large variations, so they have high expectations for production quality & reliability. 

It all began 36 years ago in an engineering office highly experienced in building test equipment. 

modus then developed into a high-tech business company with German design & development & in-house manufacturing of its test systems. 

The prototypes were built in 2000 at our HQ in Willich. Today, more than 1,650 scanner & 650 camera systems are in service, making modus the market leader for scanner AOIs. 

We believe the primary reason for the success of modus lies in a close & trusted relationship with our customers. modus application engineers & software development teams always strive to guarantee, wherever possible, a fast reaction time to support & service issues.  

Our manufacturing process according to ISO 9000 includes a CE-declaration of conformity (ISO 9001:2015 valid until 2023). 

modus with its network of factory-trained support partners ensures total customer support within Germany, Europe & many other locations worldwide. 


modus high-tech electronics GmbH


Launch fuel cell inspection


Launch camera calibration


in process, launch real 3D image scan


S3 V1.0, side view


Launch MLD1200 V2.0


Industry 4.0 application at key customers


Launch MCS 42, low cost pre-reflow AOI​


Launch bottom up Inspection, MCS 18​


Development of an inline PTH AOI module with down conveyor for selective- and wave oven application. This system is based on our S1 scanner for top and bottom inspection in one go.


certified according DIN/ISO 9001:2008


Development of “modular AOI” iScan 420-T. Diverse inspections are able to process on the fly with adapted standard conveyors.


Conformal coating inspection of diversity products. The activated UV-trace of the coating material enable to detect weak areas of the conformal coating process.


Another director is added! Degreed engineer / MBA Gerald Landt occurs as the second managing partner in addition to Klaus Franck. He is responsable for sales, marketing and administration.


Rectification of the scanner image. Through the rectification software the scanner image is 100% identical to the calibration target. According to this, the test plan exchange from one system to another can be done without loosing time! Over 500 systems sold worldwide.


Development of the new S1 scanner! Coverage 420 x 550 mm. Complete hardware-software development of the CCD camera and the mirror carriage. Computers equipped with quad CPU 64. AOI evaluation has been increased by 100% by the quad CPU.


Parallax altitude! A parallax free image at 1200dpi is achieved by using a special lens system.


Color calibration! Scanner system with color calibration template and automatic RGB Level-approximation for multi system use.


Improvements to come! AOI hardware + software extension, hardware optimization, software optimization, filter optimization. Building international sales organizations.


Technical extension. 64-bit Intel computer concept, calibriation of systems for the flexible use of linesystems, MFU for 1200dpi.


Growth! The modus high-tech electronics GmbH has 20 employees and already over 100 systems in use. 1200dpi scanner development, multi-angle red LED‘s with microlenses.


Award-winning! 1. Price in the cutthroat competition of the engineering center NRW.


Alternation from engineering consulting to a capital company. Establishment of the modus high-tech electronics GmbH.


New paths – new technology! Presentation of the first AOI based scanner.


The Start! Establishment of the Franck Engineering System by the technical head and AOI pioneer degreed engineer Klaus Franck.

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