Innovative AOI-software

The latest intuitive modus software V10 supports all image acquisition systems by modus. This includes all scanners and camera systems. Fast and high-precision image processing guarantees a reliable inspection of the test specimen within a very short time. Test programs can be exchanged between different image acquisition systems without compatibility problems, ensuring the highest degree of flexibility for our customers.

Test applications

  • Presence/Absence of (electronic) components and general objects: surface, position, tombstone, rotation, damage, presence, polarity, color match and dimensions

  • Find/distinguishing between objects with pattern- matching

  • THT: control of soldering meniscus (quality); optimal soldering surface, “cold” soldering joint, short circuits

  • Paste: surface, position, short circuit, splash

  • Full surface solder ball detection, solder splash, analysis of defects in size and quantity


  • Barcode/data-matrix-code

  • Fiducial for complete scan, single cut-outs and individual components

  • Logical connection of detected defects

  • Components, partitions, metering panel

  • Validate geometric properties based on CAD data

  • Interactive ruler

  • Generation of test plans based on CAD data import 

  • Testing of ceramic substrates

Integration possibilities

  • Feed-back to client specific systems (for example: control-loop with printer, selective soldering facilities and good/bad selector)

  • Compatible to several conveyer belt systems (different operating modes)

  • Drawer options (blocker, automatic opening, scan when closing)

  • After placer, preflow SMT

  • After selective soldering

  • After paste printer

  • Top / bottom system after wave soldering


  • User rights management for activation or deactivation of system functions

  • Customization of the multilingual user interface

  • Automatic data backup while writing data

  • Reading barcodes either with the scanner/camera or an external device

  • Exact copy interline capability