The almost maintenance-free modusAOI MCS42 camera system was developed specially for transport modules in production lines – and also comes in an offline version. Existing production lines can easily be retrofitted with this system.

The system comes with four 42 megapixel cameras and a high-performance control unit. LED lighting, including LED control, is also included in the delivery. The entire picture of the image analysis is orthogonally calibrated.

Inspection with the high-resolution system cameras is carried out using the tried and tested modusAOI software. Our production process is certified under ISO 9000 and also includes a CE Declaration of Conformity. The system has been adapted to the high requirements of the inspection of bipolar plates. The image acquisition time of approx. 2,5 seconds with a resolution of 24 um is outstanding.




  • Easily integrated 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Easy to use 
  • Minimal training required 
  • No slip, few pseudo-errors 
  • Calibratable system 
  • Stable test precision 
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Test possibilities

  • Position and minimum thickness of the graphite coating in the central area
  • Position and minimum thickness of the screen print at the edge of the workpiece 
  • Checking the surface that should not be coated 
  • Coating contamination (graphite/screen print) 
  • Coating mass may only be on the beading tops 
  • Testing of a defined target contour in screen print 
  • Constrictions in coating path 
  • Small blisters in coating path 
  • Damage to the metal at the edge (balcony) of the workpiece 
  • Position of the anode-cathode connection (offset) 
  • General damage such as deformation and scratches 
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Camera unit C42

  • Resolution 4 x 42 megapixels =168 megapixels (21456 x 7716 pixels) aspect ratio 2:3 per camera 
  • RGB colour filter from CMOS sensor, colour intensity 24 bit 

Light source

  • LED cluster white and red 


  • 1:1,4 - 25 mm, Objektiv (C-Mount) 

Field of view

  • default FOV: 450x180mm, Customized FOV possible

Test speed

  • image acquisition ~2,5 seconds, processing time (during handling) ~7 second

System PC

  • Intel i9-10980XE (12-core) 3.5 GHz, 64GB DDR4-RAM, 2 x 1 GB/s network interface, 
  • I/O modules, 1 x 1 TB NVMe SSD, 2 x 4TB NAS HDDs, Windows 10 
  • Professional/LTSC 64 Bit, Acronis backup software, keyboard, mouse, operator, keyboard, 24” full HD IPS 16:9 monitor 


  • Camera unit (L*B*H): 39 x 39 x 40 mm 
  • AOI box (L*B*H): 829 x 788 x 1011 mm 

Connected values

  • 230 V / 50 Hz P1 or 110 V / 60 Hz 
  • Consumption: 300 W 


  • Seamless stitching of 4 camera images (combined for one test plan) 
  • Automatic start by closing the drawer (offline system)
  • DMC Code automatically detected 
  • Customer-specific software development