Even if the majority of components are assembled by machine nowadays, there are still components for which machine assembly is not worthwhile or for which it is simply not possible. In a second step, these components are assembled by hand and sent to the soldering system again. However, manual assembly leads to erroneous assembly, which only becomes apparent after soldering and requires time-consuming repairs. Common errors are polarity reversal, tilting or completely missing components. After the soldering process, the soldering points must be removed manually in order to rectify the error. Automatic visual inspection before the soldering oven prevents these defects, but may block the line and require constant human attention to correct the defects. However, if the incorrect placements are shown directly at the placement workstation, error elimination only takes a few seconds and no faulty circuit board leaves the workstation!

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The automatic optical inspection system MCS42-SEL-AL from modus checks the product directly at the placement workstation. The hardware can be attached directly to the existing workplace, no housing or similar is required. The high-resolution camera creates an image of the entire goods carrier. With an area of ​​300x200mm, the resolution is 38um. The area can be adjusted according to requirements in order to make larger areas or a higher resolution possible. Multiple cameras are also possible. The specially developed lighting prevents reflections, the modusAOI software compensates for any brightness differences in the environment and thus ensures a stable test directly in the production environment. The system can be fully calibrated so that test plans can easily be used on multiple workstations without being adjusted. This cost-effective system can also draw on the full range of modusAOI software. This enables connections to conveyor and MES systems, data imports from CAD or placer data, compatibility with all other modus systems, etc. When using a modusAOI inline solder joint inspection system at the same time, the MCS42-SEL-AL camera AOI also provides the repair area for the solder joint inspection. This eliminates the need for additional verification hardware.



Reliable error detection
  • Presence, location, position of components
  • Component color and lettering
  • Reverse polarity, twisting, tilting
  • Recognition of DMC/barcode on the test page without an additional reader
High test depth and large test field
  • High-resolution color camera
  • Non-reflecting lighting
  • Customizable test field and resolution
  • Check in ~1 second
Clear operation
  • Display of the error position and display of error and comparison image
  • Identical representation on the test system and repair stations
  • Error type is assigned to statistics by pressing a button
  • Employees can be trained in just a few minutes
Statistics and process control
  • Traceability by evaluating barcodes/2D codes/RFID
  • Cost savings through fast process optimization
  • Intuitive test plan creation
  • graphical interface
  • Powerful and flexible checking algorithms
Camera system directly at the assembly workstation
  • Inspection directly at the workplace eliminates walking distances and loss of time
  • Seamless integration into the production process
Line integration
  • Simple conveyor belt connection possible
  • Integrated repair station for solder joints AOI systems
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