modusAOI Sense3D

modusAOI Sense3D is a multi-camera light-field based 3D AOI system featuring a unique modular construction and a one-of-a-kind approach to 3D inspection.

Each Sense3D module contains three high-resolution color cameras, whose data is processed in parallel on a high-performance FPGA and transferred via a high-speed 10 Gbit/s connection. In combination with a flat and compact design, this enables the system to be adapted to a large range of different applications while delivering constant high performance.

Sense3D features state-of-the-art algorithms for 3D computation and analysis, delivering parallax-free images and high-quality 3D data for large scan areas without compromising acquisition time. As Sense3D uses the same well-known and proven modusAOI software package as other modus AOI systems, no additional training is required to take advantage of its extended feature-set and capabilities.

At launch, Sense3D will be available in a three-module flatbed scanner variant with a total of nine cameras and a single-module variant with three cameras for highly flexible use in conjunction with a robot arm. The Sense3D Scanner variant uses the same housing as the popular modus S3 AOI scanner-system, allowing for a drop-in replacement if the upgrade to a 3D AOI is desired. Due to its light weight and compact size, the Sense3D robot variant can be employed in almost any configuration, easily making it one of the most adaptable AOI systems on the market.

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