Camera based AOI systems

The stationary camera systems MCS18 and MCS42 allow for a flexible low-cost inspection. The high-resolution camera (18 or even 42 megapixels) is controlled by the well established modus AOI software.

Typical inspection tasks (completeness of the mechanical assembly, presence and position of connectors, stickers, reading barcodes and data-matrix codes) but also special tasks are solved in the shortest possible time. The system is therefore also suitable for frequently changing tasks. The flexible structure allows the use as a stand-alone solution and inline operation. In order to achieve an even higher resolution and/or inspection area several cameras can be controlled and combined in a single test plan.

The optional integration in a function test, recording the test results (traceability) and the integrated capture of barcodes and data-matrix codes allow an optimal observation and optimization of the process (closed loop).

Camera Process

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