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Discover our two customised training options

Our aim is not only to give you the tools, but also the knowledge and skills to use our software solutions effectively. Whether you're new to the world of technology or want to deepen your existing knowledge, we have the right programme for you. We offer two types of training to ensure you can realise the full potential of our software.

Basic training:

The basics of the modusAOI software

Our basic training course provides you with the fundamental knowledge you need to use the modusAOI software effectively. We cover topics such as creating test plans, using and navigating the software and best practices for error detection. This training is ideal for beginners or for those who want to refresh their knowledge.

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Expert training:

In-depth knowledge and specialisation

Our expert training course is aimed at experienced users who have already been working with the modusAOI software for several months. In this training course, we deepen your knowledge and go into more detail on specific topics. We answer open questions, provide tips and tricks for optimising your work processes and help you to use the software even more effectively. This training course is perfect for taking your skills to the next level and expanding your capabilities.

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Learn from experts:

Practical training in modusAOI software for direct application in everyday working life

Our training courses are conducted by experienced trainers who have extensive knowledge of the modusAOI software. You will gain practical insights and can apply what you have learnt directly in your working environment.

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